22 October 2009

Unfinished Business

Since our last post, we had a few off days (Three to be exact - weather and holiday related), but we removed the remaining dirt (4 trucks @ 35 cuyds) and backfilled the neighbors yard and our rear yards (4 trucks @ 30 cuyds). This is a view of a portion of the back yard.

The last of the footing was poured today. The rebar had been perfectly arranged and we had our subs bring in the pump truck to help transport the concrete from point A (Concrete truck) to point B (Within the footings formwork).

As the concrete trucks (2 @ 12 cuyds each) were pulling to the curb, our foundation contractor and his crew were making sure that they had their tools beside them.

Five guys were on the curb (Including our lab technicians taking their samples) and six below. Three guys hold on to the pump hose while three level the concrete within the formwork.

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