29 March 2010

What are the places in my neighborhood, in my neighborhood........

I spent some time on this rainy day, (first day of spring break) locating the site in its neighborhood.... there are so many places surrounding it, that I barely could get further than two blocks in any direction.

26 March 2010

Frame On

Now that we've framed the window openings, it's time to frame the floor joists.

23 March 2010

Fuzzy Math?

In two weeks we were able to complete one floor. That may seem slow to some and quick to others, but these two weeks equaled six working days (Subtracting weekends and four rainy days). Most of the work was accomplished during that terrific four day stretch of 65+ degree temperature. As we wait for the skies to clear tonight, we anticipate a delivery of steel tomorrow. Each W10 member will span 17 feet to create two large picturesque windows. Our steel fabricator will anchor the plates tomorrow and will hoist the steel on Thursday. We, also, expect a delivery of joists on Thursday.

10 March 2010

In like a lion, out like a lamb?

The month of March IS a transitional month (Weather or not) for us and we've taken full advantage of the dry 50+ degree temperature. After a week and a half (The end of February) that brought us two blizzards we have pushed forward.

Here are a few images as of Monday (Hate to say it, but I forgot the camera the past two days. Fridays post will seem impressive):