30 March 2011

Finish work

It is coming to the point where the "construction site" is being transformed into a "home". I would only say "home" as 103 Boerum is much further along than 101 Boerum. Walls and ceilings are painted (partially), interior doors are hung, moulding around doors and windows are ongoing, and floors (both tiles for the bathrooms, and wood for the majority of the house) are underway. The guys who are working on the drywall started at 103, and worked their way down and then to 101. The images are from 103. The drywall is all hung in 101, but they are taping and plastering, still very much a dusty construction site.


The hardwood flooring is being installed this week. The material is quartersawn oak prefinished as it is being installed over the radiant heating. This is the recommended flooring by the manufacturer. They have started today on the 4th floor and will continue down. The walls in this area have been sanded and primed/painted the first coat. Ceilings have been painted with the second and final coat. Since the floors are prefinished, there will be less dust, and a stronger finish.

Fenced up

Finally the day after the concrete was poured as a base for the stone pavers, the guys started working on fence. It is a cedar fence with planks running horizontally. It is really starting to feel like a backyard.


After almost 20 months, the construction fence is gone. The sidewalk and curb was poured and the fence was removed. The entire building can now be seen. It is incredible to finally see the both of the buildings.