21 February 2011

the day the temperature reached 60

The temperature reached 60 degrees last week, and everyone had something outisde to work on. The plumbers and HVAC crews had work on the roof - the vent pipes and the ductwork that connects the inside ducts to the rooftop unit. The electricians ran conduit up to the roof and to the front and rear yards. Exterior lights arrived the same day and were installed. Our crew dug a trench and buried a pipe in the rear yard to connect the phone and cable lines - so that we would not have lines running overhead.

foaming at the wall

Today 103 Boerum was foamed. We are using a spray insulation to insulate. It is sprayed into the space between the studs, expands and then they cut off any excess that extends past the studs. (you can see the shavings on the floor at the stair picture) This type of insulation is great for waterproofing, sound insulation, protects against mold and mildow, and an excellent way to insulate against the exterior.

orange you glad

New plumbing code requires us to have sprinklers throughout the building (as our street is considered narrow). The piping for the sprinklers is bright orange.
On each floor there is a manifold for the connection of all the tubes for the radiant floor heating. The tubing is also bright orange and runs in the warmboard which is the subfloor. It has aluminum on the top to spread the heat (or the cold during this winter - we do not have heat yet).

do you want a piece of me?

There is a large shaft running vertically through the houses that all the different trades have been using to run pipes (water, waste, radiant heating pipes) vacuum tubing, electrical wires power, Cat5e, cable and telephone), ductwork, and exhaust ducts for the boiler, fireplace, kitchen hood, bathroom fans, and dryer. Everyone seems to have worked together to get the job done. There are access panels throughout house to access the shaft. It runs behind the bathrooms on the 3rd and 4th floors.