08 October 2009

The Gloves Come Off

Not exactly the gloves, but the forms (From the initial foundation pour) came off this week and viola. The white band on the bottom is 2 layers of 2" deep (4" combined) foam x 10" high. We'll strip that off once the entire pour is complete and place our joists to form our first floor platform.

We didn't stop there, we went ahead and poured more of the footing (North side of 101 BP)...

while more form work was erected to pour the rear foundation of both 101 and 103 BP.

And yes, we started forming the north foundation wall of 101 BP. Two layers of No. 5 rebar (Vert and Hor) @ 12" grid. Tomorrow (Friday October 11th) we will be pouring about 24 cubic yards and John is anxious, nervous and excited because he is thinking about getting the walls up before the weather takes a turn for the worse. No one wants to work outside as the weather cools, especially when you're dealing with water based material and freezing temperatures.

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