30 July 2010

The big dig and Connection

Water and Sewer Connections:

The water and sewer mains run down Boerum Place. Plumbing Works has been digging and preparing the connection from the new houses to these mains. DEP is there today, making the actual connection to these mains. Also, when they were digging, we found the old trolley tracks along with the layer of cobblestones from the original street.

14 July 2010

Power to the People

After weeks of waiting, daily phone calls and emails (and finally an email to the Board of Trustees) - miraculously Con Ed's construction division showed up yesterday in the middle of a heavy rain storm to dig the trench and run the sleeves to get power to our buildings. We do not have power yet this morning, but hopefully by this afternoon.
We need power to put up sidewalk sheds, so that we can continue to work on the front of the buildings - as we have almost reached the 40' mark.

13 July 2010

The heat is on.....

With the temperatures reaching over 100 degree last week, we worked on the radiant heat flooring. It is a product by Warmboard that is 1-1/4" thick. It has a plywood base, with a sheet of aluminum over the top with grooves to accept tubing. The tubing will be filled and heated and the heat will spread over the aluminum to create an even distribution. This is very efficient way of heating. The interior spaces were actually quite cool during the hot, humid days last week.