30 November 2010

Shed a little light

The sidewalk shed was removed on Monday and now there is so much more light on the 1st floor. This is especially good with the short gray days.

18 November 2010

New Perspective

John visited our neighbors construction project and took these great aerial photos.

14 November 2010

Look Mom, no scaffolding!

On Friday as we were busy placing the electrical outlets and the framers were framing out the 3rd floor, the masons finished the last of the cementboard that required the scaffolding. Now they are placing the last of the cementboard that is at the level of the sidewalk shed and below. We are really anxious for the sidewalk shed to come down too. Soon.

12 November 2010

What a week!

Plumbers ran the tubing for the radiant floor heating.The framers followed framing the 3rd and 4th floors of 103 Boerum Place. I had marked all the walls and door openings with blue masking tape ahead of time, so that they had lines to follow.This is the bathroom door and walk-in closet door standinge in the Master Bedroom. I had also marked all the electrical outlets so that John & I could attach the boxes. The electricians will come once all the walls are framed.
The plumbers also attached all the rough-ins for the wall mounted toilets on the 3rd and 4th floors.
While all this was happening inside, the sun was shining and the masons were continuing the cement fiber board. The scaffolding is down and only the sidewalk shed is left. I will post an image of that this weekend.

08 November 2010

More Facade

Another layer of the facade was exposed today. The bricks were cleaned before the scaffolding was brought down. It is looking great!!!

02 November 2010

and the facade goes on

The cement board has many steps. The first step is putting a liquid primer on the masonry blocks - as seen in this photo.
The second step is adhering the Grace Product Perm-A-Barrier to the block. While this is being done the treated lumber that frames the window openings is being capped with a matte black metal capping. We worked with a local metal fabricator to get the exact profiles that would fit over the wood.

This photo shows the finished metal capping.
Then comes the metal furring strips.

As the cement board is fastened the scaffolding is coming down exposing the finished facade.