29 September 2010

Let it Rain

This week is the first week that we are not constantly looking at the weather forecast. We are working inside a very dry building. Work has resumed with the installation of the radiant floors, and marking up with blue tape the centerlines of the walls. Framing of the walls will begin next week.

frame it

Window prep work has been completed. Two pieces of wood blocking have been attached to the block walls on the sides and top, and a slate sill has been installed on the bottom. All window openings were measured three times and we are currently waiting for a sample window to be delivered to the site, to verify the depth and sill. Then the window production will begin.

15 September 2010


Today most of the coping stones were installed. Coping stones are the top edges of the masonry walls. They are pitched to allow the rain from sitting on the top of the walls. This is the finish top of the wall. Tomorrow they will finish this work and start on the stone sills on the rear of the house.

06 September 2010

The roof, the roof, the roof is on.....

The roof consists of a series of layers on top of the plywood decking. First, the plywood decking was vacuumed and mopped, before the firestone self adhesive underlayment was placed. The next layer is sheets of 2" rigid insulation that are attached with 3" epoxy coated screws with large galvanized washers. Cant strips were placed in the intersection of the roof and parapet walls. Another layer of the firestone self adhesive underlayment, was applied. The top layer is a firestone rubberized cold application roof with a white granular finish. The remaining exposed parapet will be parged on the interior side.