31 August 2009

The Dig

Today the excavator arrived on the site!! The excavation crew did some probing to see what was below the dirt - as there were two buildings here until the 1950's. They found remnants of the existing foundation up against 105 Boerum Place (the enlarged picture). They will be back tomorrow to remove this foundation by hand.

24 August 2009

Kitchen Ideas

Working on the kitchen layout and elevations. Here is the layout and elevations of the two walls. The base cabinets, upper cabinets and island I am looking at painted gray cabinets. I would like to use a wood, perhaps a carbonized bamboo for the tall pantry cabinets and wall oven cabinet. The countertop will be We are also exploring using a gray stain on the hardwood floors. (double click to enlarge image)

Below are images of the wood-plyboo strand, marble and gray for the cabinets.

23 August 2009

101 + 103 Elevations

Here are both 101 + 103 Boerum Place side by side. From this image you can see that these two buildings are mirrored.

Rendered Front Elevation

This is drawing of the front elevation. The materials being used are red brick, gray cement board and steel windows.

Rendered Section

This is a section through 103 Boerum Place. It is a slice through the building - so that you can see how the spaces are stacked one upon another. This section shows the opening between the Living Room and the Dining Room and the connection to the rear yard.

Rendered Drawings

Here are the floor plans for 103 Boerum Place.

09 August 2009

Staking out the Buildings Foundations

We were visited, on Friday, by the surveyors (Carlyle Ian Douglas Licensed Land Surveyor) where they carefully located the building boundaries. This is critical because the proposed buildings will be built on two-thirds of the empty lots on the corner of Boerum Place and Pacific Street. The corner lot is owned by our neighbor and local Auto Repair owner Nicholas Quinones. So staying within our boundaries is critical.

With the Total Station (Shown on Tri-pod) the surveyors, using spray paint, marked three spots on the sidewalk indicating the properties boundaries

03 August 2009

Approved Drawings

Here is the layout for one of the townhouses (103 Boerum Place). There are two attached townhouses. The floorplans are mirrored.

Construction Fence

The building dept. approved our drawings and we were able to pull our permits.

Here is the construction fence.

Vacant Lots

We purchase two vacant lots on Boerum Place in May 2009. We are going to build two townhouses, side by side. There are two lots 20'x60'.