25 June 2011

BPP - Builders Pavement Plan

As part of a new house, the sidewalk and the street directly in front of the new building must also be rebuilt. We have had to dig up the street and sidewalk various times during construction for foundation, electrical, gas, water and sewer work. All of which has disturbed the sidewalk and street frontage. The BPP is an application with the Building Department that requires drawings, surveys, elevations and details of the sidewalk construction and street pavement. It also requires coordination with the Department of Transportation (fees and permits). I

In new construction you are also required to provide street trees in front of the property. I had spent hours going through the list of botanical names of the allowable trees looking for the perfect type. When the Parks Department came to verify my street tree location, to my dismay, there was not enough room for a new tree in front of each building. There are certain requirements that must be met. (minimum distances from gas, electrical or water lines) So we were required to pay into the street tree fund ($1900 per tree) and two trees were planted in our neighborhood.

The major part of the sidewalk work happened when I was in Moorhead, MN for Grandpa Louies 90th birthday. They poured the sidewalk. It was a lot of work and when the final survey was done - the elevations were only off by 3/100" - perfect by concrete pouring standards.

The final portion was quick, but needed to be coordinated with alternative sides parking. Once a week there is no parking on our side of the street on Tuesdays from 8:30-10 so that the street can be swept. We needed to wait until a Tuesday to do the street paving work. Our biggest problem was that three Tuesdays in a row alternative sides was not in effect due to religious holidays (mainly Easter).

The inspection went flawless and here is our lovely sidewalk and street frontage.

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